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Jennifer Ellison :: Bye Bye Boy
UK Release Date - 26 July 2004
Label - Concept Music

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F E A T U R E   A R C H I V E  -  P O S T   A   C O M M E N T  -    -  D E A D   L I N K ?  -  C H A T R O O M

It is not easy to capture fully in words the enormous amount of energy transmitted by 21 year old star Jennifer Ellison. A truly multi-talented performer and legendary winner of the reality TV show Hell's Kitchen, she seems to excel at anything she puts her mind to.

26 July 2004 will see the release of her hotly anticipated second single Bye Bye Boy, her first release with cool independent label Concept Music. This edgy, rock infused pop track is destined to be a summer anthem. Bye Bye Boy
sees Jennifer exuding a sexy confidence that drives it 'home' to a crashing crescendo!

No one can deny Jennifer's talent, which is probably the reason she caught the eye of top Hollywood director Joel Schumacher, who cast Jennifer in a lead role opposite Minnie Driver in his upcoming blockbuster Phantom of the Opera. She can act, she can dance, she looks great, and she oozes a unique star quality. Most importantly, as she enters the pop arena, Jennifer Ellison can sing. Her vocals are dazzling and as dynamic as the album she is making. With top writer/producer Brian Rawlings (Enrique Iglesias, Cher, Celine Dion) enlisted to work with her, Jennifer's sound is set to propel her even further towards A-list status.

Bye Bye Boy is released through Concept Music on 26 July 2004.



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