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Mark Morrison :: Just A Man / Backstabbers
UK Release Date: 02 August 2004
Label: 2 Wickid Records

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F E A T U R E   A R C H I V E  -  P O S T   A   C O M M E N T  -    -  D E A D   L I N K ?  -  C H A T R O O M

He's back….and is going to be bigger than ever!  Mark Morrison, dubbed the 'bad boy of British pop music' by the media, returns with the release of a new double a-side single Just A Man/Backstabber on 02 August 2004.

The single will be followed by his long-awaited second album of the same name in September. Featuring twelve new recordings including That's Life, Love You Bad, Innocent Man and Dance For Me, the album solidly reinstates Mark as a major songwriter and performer, displaying a new maturity that will no doubt ensure worldwide success for him.

Mark's debut album Return Of The Mack sold over a million copies worldwide in 1996 and became the first ever debut by a solo artist to give birth to no less than five Top 10 singles. It confirmed Mark Morrison's status as one of the 90s major new urban music acts. The title track reached number 1 in the UK and was number 2 in the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States for an incredible two months, while the album itself won several platinum awards. Mark had taken on the Americans and beaten them at their own musical game. Then came his well-publicised indiscretions, resulting in a spell in prison and bringing an abrupt halt to his career prospects.

Now, with a new record deal with Everton captain and striker Kevin Campbell's newly launched record label, 2 Wikid Records, Mark is on the threshold of an important new stage in his career, and has finally put the past behind him.

For years Kevin Campbell harboured the unique (in the UK) notion of running his own record label. Whilst it is not uncommon in the US for sportsmen to be involved in the music business, it is a real pioneering step for the Arsenal legend to take, investing some £5 million to pursue his dream.

Just A Man is a gentler, more mature look back on Morrison's past indiscretions - without knowing what you were listening to, you probably wouldn't realise who was singing it. Backstabber on the other hand is a much dirtier track (the title probably speaks for itself) which sees a return to the Morrison form we remember - it's almost like we're back in 1996! The promo video for Just A Man was filmed in New York by the award winning directors, Max & Dania, responsible for Craig David’s 7 Days amongst many others.

Mark Morrison's last word on the subject of his career is thus: "My career and life has had its lows but hopefully that's all in the past now. I have grown up. Mark Morrison's music will definitely do the talking for me in the future!"

Mark Morrison's new double a-sided single Just A Man/Backstabber is released in the UK through 2 Wickid Records on 02 August 2004.


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